Full disclosure: I’m a Batman nerd. I say that proudly and without an ounce of shame. In fact, my offices (both professional and personal) are shrines to the Caped Crusader… and, I suppose, a warning to all visitors that they are dealing with an immature man-child.
That being said, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the one and only reason I purchased the Espinosa Murcielago was for the Batman-esq cigar band. I tried to justify it by scouring reddit and other online cigar reviews. I didn’t unearth anything negative, but also nothing indicating that this was going to be a life changing smoke. Nevertheless, crime doesn’t sleep, and neither could I knowing that there was a “Bat-Smoke” out there waiting for me.

I’m smoking the Robusto 5” x 54 box press version. The wrapper is a beautiful milk chocolate color. It smells like a fresh pack of cigarettes, and I mean that in the best possible way. I love that smell. After light-up, I’m immediately bitch-slapped, no, Bat-Slapped by a cedar branch. Again, I mean that in the best possible way. I don’t like being slapped (bitch, Bat, or otherwise), but I love that cedary, woody taste.
The cedar and wood flavor hangs out until about the halfway point where it starts to fade and replaced by a nutty flavor. Imagine eating trail mix under a cedar tree; there’s some nuttiness, a tick of sweetness from the wrapper, and the entire time in the background there’s this nice cedar aroma. Batman would never eat trail mix. It’s it wouldn’t be convenient to carry in his utility belt. He must have snacks though. I mean, he’s out all night, on surveillance, probably bored stupid half the time. I bet the floor of the Batmobile is a disaster of wrappers and empty Red Bull cans by the end of a shift in Gotham. “Alfred, get the Bat-Vac. I spilled my Cool Ranch Doritos again.”

The ash hangs on until just before it’s time to pull the Bat symbol wrapper off. The burn has been razor straight and hasn’t required any touchups. The cigar produces tons of delicious smoke and the draw is perfect. The construction of this cigar is flawless.

The final third is more of the same, which is fine by me. The initial woodiness fades even more as everything heats up during the final inch. A little pepper and some back of the throat harshness start to creep into the last few puffs. Overall, I’d say it medium to full bodied but it’s as smooth as Selina Kyles’ Catwoman suit.

You can find this size for under $5 each, which makes it an exceptional value. It would be perfect for the golf course because it’s inexpensive, burns perfectly, produces tons of smoke, and it gives you an excuse to do the Batman voice for about an hour straight.
Overall score 89

Recommended drink pairing: A light beer, or a “John Daly” which is an Arnold Palmer with vodka

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