First of all, I’ve got to say I’m no expert and my palate is about as refined as a drunken karaoke rendition of Baby Got Back. I’m talking chicken strips at a steak house type shit… Having said that, I’m still a big fan of great cigars, whiskey and damn near every style of beer out there. (I’m a fat middle aged boring dad, so it’s a requirement for American citizenship)

For my first official review, I decided to tee up an easy stogie that I knew would be great for a multitude of reasons. The name Cohiba is synonymous with high end puros and at $15 per stick one could only assume the best. Spoiler Alert, the assumption’s not wrong… From the minute I plucked this beauty from the humidor where it’s been seasoning since shipment, along with 4 of it’s brothers, I was pretty excited to get my smoke on.
Despite it’s name, the wrapper is NOT Nicaraguan but a gorgeous Oscuro leaf. This gives it a rich brown coloration that’s reminiscent of Halle Berry poolside in Swordfish, and no less desirable to have in your mouth. The name is instead derived from it’s binder and filler leaves artfully grown and aged in Nicaragua. But hey, if you really want to know about how this thing’s made, head on out to google for some thoughts from folks a whole lot smarter.
Moving on! After admiring the beauty and attention to details Cohiba exemplifies, it’s time to light this puppy up! A quick sniff reveals a chocolate or cocoa aroma, and the Pavlovian response kicks into high gear and I start drooling like priest at a boy scout jamboree (apologies to my uber catholic family). A quick punch and a click of my new lighter (more on that later) and we’re all systems go.

It starts off light and gentle, like I used to before being married for 10 years. My palate being what it is, I can’t decipher any real notes or flavors. My only real thought being, ‘I like it’ with the sophistication of Forest Gump writing a review. I’d love to say it’s from having Covid a year ago (it’s real folks) but it’s lingering affects on my sense of taste barely register. So again, I like it. It’s not too harsh and maybe even on the weak side for my liking.
The 2nd third of my burn, is much the same however things start to heat up metaphorically speaking with flavor suddenly catching me in the back of the throat like like a Tinder date who didn’t feel the tap on the back of her head (I hear that’s a scary place on the world wide interwebs). As I exhale, the spice continues to linger in my nostrils. This is more to my preference and would move this from a mild or medium flavor profile to a mid to bold.

The draw is loose and easy, like my ex-wife (our legal counsel advises me to point out this is said as satire and for entertainment purposes only). In fact, as the final 3rd begins I found myself having to relight which I may attribute to a bit too loose a roll. It could very well have been the constant interruptions my beautiful children bestowed on me repeatedly. Yes honey that is a really nice drawing you did… Last week… That’s been on the fridge since then… I digress.

The last 3rd ratchets up to a spicy or peppery finale. After being lulled into daydreams of a record setting round at Pebble Beach, the final 3rd shifts the winds out of the North as you stare down the 18th tee shot with a 1 stroke lead. In honesty, I didn’t make it to the very nub during my session with this stick, as work beckoned. But even after about a 45 minute respite, the last few drags were still enjoyable as it rose like a phoenix from the literal ashes.
Overall, I’d give it a very solid 85 rating. My biggest complaint if there is such a thing, is the cost comparison to some very excellent competition at a much lower price point. They may not all have the same flex as lighting up a Cohiba in front of your buddies, but like I learned in my younger years it’s rarely the pretty ones that are worth the squeeze.

Recommended Pairing: Americano black with a Sanders Sea Salt Chocolate & Carmel square (it just so happened to work well)

Sweet D’s Review (Petes’ Wife): That one really stinks. The whole house stinks… (after I left the screen open) 2 Thumbs Down

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